Parking Procedures

How does the service work?

1. To book: Contact Plane Parking, either by completing the Short Term Booking form, email ( or by telephoning our reservation team directly on 0034 966 840 289 or 0034 968 566 410, to advise us of your flight times & details.

2. Drop off procedures: For San Javier (Murcia) Clients drive to our parking facility and park your car. We are located just outside San Javier airport (see map). Upon your arrival call into the office where we will then take the payment, record your current mileage/kilometres, fuel level and agree on any damage to your vehicle. You leave the key with us and then we transfer you to departures immediately. Your car is now in the safe hands of Plane Parking.

For Alicante Clients drive to Departures of the New Terminal where a member of our Plane Parking staff will meet you at an agreed time (look for our staff with bright yellow tops with our Plane Parking logo). Upon your arrival at Departures of the New Terminal, we will take the payment, record your current mileage/kilometres, fuel level and agree on any damage to your vehicle. You leave the key with us and then we transfer your vehicle to our secure compound situated directly in front of the Airport.

3. Return procedures: On your return to either airport, your vehicle will receive a complimentary external clean and will be delivered to the airport of your choice. At Alicante airport you must call Plane Parking on the 24hrs number (0034 656 532 725) as soon as you have collected your luggage. At San Javier you do not need to call. A member of staff will meet you outside Arrivals of San Javier airport or Departures of Alicante Airport with your vehicle (look out for the staff in their bright yellow Plane Parking tops), allowing you to leave the airport immediately - no waiting around; no fuss.

4. For annual contract clients bookings can be made by filling out our online Contract Reservation Form, by email ( or by telephone 0034 966 840 289.

What could be easier? No more taxis, no more relying on friends or relatives and no delays.

We are a professional company whose mission is to offer affordable long and short term car parking throughout the Spanish Costas.

We understand that airport parking can be not only stressful, but also somewhat expensive, particularly if one is a frequent flyer. We also appreciate it can be difficult to find a secure, off-airport parking facility that is consistently reliable. With this in mind, we strive to offer travellers complete peace of mind when leaving their car with us. We want our clients to feel confident in the knowledge that their vehicle will be parked securely and will be waiting for them at the airport upon their return.

Our work ethos is such that we have designed our car parking and booking system to be both user-friendly, whilst, at the same time, providing the optimum amount of flexibility for our clients.

For frequent travellers we offer special rate contracts for periods between 1 and 12 months,  for a fixed fee, unlimited parking within their contract period.

For the occasional flyer, short term parking is also available. Full details of our prices can be found here.

Pre-book your airport parking today with the Alicante and San Javier Murcia parking specialists! 24hr secure parking. Full alarm and CCTV system installed at both facilities which allows us to be fully insured!